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Bridge Over River

Hello! My name is Bernice. 


I love to help individuals to stand in their own power and create the life they that they have always wanted through discovering possibilities, moving towards their desired outcomes and rediscovering the potential that lies within. 


When we stand in our own power, we are able to shift our perspective and take back control.  We allow ourselves to make our own decisions and give ourselves permission to take our dreams and make them a reality. Instead of feeling like life is happening to us, life starts happening for us. This is when the real FUN begins!

I grew up in Saskatchewan but I have lived most of my life in Edmonton, Alberta. I have a diverse background in human resources, training, and administration. These experiences have contributed to my success as a coach and as a facilitator.  I am an Erickson Certified Professional Coach.  I also have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a HR Management Certificate through the University of Alberta . Effective communication is another core value of mine and I am now working towards my certification in Conflict Management through the ADR Institute of Alberta. 


After many years working in the administration field, I found myself feeling unfulfilled and moving through the day-to-day monotony that had become my work life. I could see my fellow colleagues struggling to find purpose and enjoyment in their careers too and wondered what I could to do to find that spark again. I felt stuck and this feeling began to trickle in all areas of my life. I knew that I wanted change but needed some help getting me to that place of joy again. I decided to hire a coach and found it extremely beneficial. 

I started to see the results within a few months of coaching. I was able to gain clarity on what was important to me and take the steps I needed in order to improve my life. In doing so, I started to get that 'bounce' back in my step. I was able to identify the skills that I love in my job and move into a role that utilized them more.  During this experience, I found myself intrigued with the coaching profession. I wanted to give to others what I had been given in coaching. Fast forward a few years and voila! Here I am doing what I love  and you can too. I chose to specialize in Career and Transition coaching based on my client's needs and in my own experience transitioning into various careers. 

It would be an honour for me to share your journey with you.  

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